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The Funeral Kit Mortuary Practices in the Archaeological Record by Jill L. Baker

The Funeral Kit Mortuary Practices in the Archaeological Record by Jill L. Baker

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The Funeral Kit: Mortuary Practices in the Archaeological Record by Jill L. Baker presents a groundbreaking approach to the study of ancient burial practices. Traditionally, mortuary archaeology has focused on identifying differences—such as age, gender, status, and ethnicity—within burial contents. However, Baker's innovative methodology starts from the opposite point: identifying the commonalities present in all burials, regardless of social status or individual identity.

Key Themes and Concepts:

  • Universal Elements of Burials: Baker explores how the recurring elements in burial contents, referred to as "funeral kits," can reveal the underlying cultural and religious beliefs of ancient societies.
  • Middle and Late Bronze Age Focus: The book begins with a detailed examination of tombs from the Middle and Late Bronze Age in the southern Levant, providing a rich contextual foundation.
  • Expanding Scope: From this regional focus, Baker broadens her analysis to create a general model that can be applied to a wide variety of cultures and settings, making her findings relevant to a global audience.
  • Cultural and Religious Insights: By highlighting the shared aspects of burial practices, Baker provides insights into the common worldviews and religious beliefs that unify different cultures.

Who Should Read This Book:

  • Archaeologists and Scholars: Particularly those specializing in Near Eastern archaeology and the study of ancient mortuary practices.
  • Students of Anthropology and History: Those interested in understanding the deeper cultural and religious significances of burial practices.
  • General Readers: Anyone fascinated by ancient civilizations and the common threads that connect humanity across time and space.

"The Funeral Kit: Mortuary Practices in the Archaeological Record" offers a revolutionary perspective on mortuary archaeology. Jill L. Baker's focus on the universal elements of burials provides a cohesive understanding of ancient societies, making this book an essential resource for scholars and enthusiasts alike.

Order your copy today and delve into the fascinating commonalities that unite ancient cultures worldwide!

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