How to Accept Compliments Graciously

How to Accept Compliments Graciously

Do you remember the last time someone complimented you on your appearance or your work? Did you accept the compliment graciously and with gratitude, or, like most people, did you thank the person and immediately try to justify it?

If this applies to you, today is the day to change this thought pattern. Learning to accept compliments, especially sincere ones from family and friends, is an important step towards peace of mind and happiness. We are quick to criticize ourselves and very slow to accept compliments from others, but when we learn to take this important step in life, we find that it enriches our relationships and changes the way we see ourselves and our approach to life. Learning to accept compliments is an important step in personal growth and development. Perhaps you, like most people, feel that accepting compliments is the first step to self-esteem and that no one likes a selfish person. There is a big difference between being proud of your achievements and being proud of them, and that is something we all need to learn to counteract the negativity of our self-talk.

Every day we tell ourselves that we are not good enough, that we do not deserve the help offered, that we are not as beautiful as our partners assure us. To challenge this story, we need to embrace the opposite perspective and let people tell us what they think about us, not what we think about ourselves. When we reject compliments or comments from others that sincerely praise our efforts, we are actually rejecting the person who gave us the compliment. At some point, when we feel we are rejecting ourselves, people stop complimenting and helping us. This can affect our marriages, work relationships, and even career and personal growth opportunities.

The next time someone compliments you or tells you that you did a good job, try a simple and sincere thank you. Try your self-talk in the words of others and create a desire within you to see yourself as others see you. Write in your journal how you feel about what was said and how you responded to it. It may feel uncomfortable at first, but this will change as you practice saying "thank you" without comment.
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